Saturday, February 27, 2010


My cousin Sarah came over today and she convinced me to run TWO miles with her! So I'm 7 miles down, with 23 to go. I think I've finally found something that works for me to keep me on track with exercising. Most people have somewhat normal schedules, so they just pick a time to work out each day that works for them. But when you work nights, and work 12s - you end up working most of one week and then one off, which wrecks havoc on scheduled daily activities, at least for me. So now I just run when I can and don't stress about it if I can't. And when I eventually reach 30 miles - I get to buy myself a treat :) Kinda silly but I'm still getting outside and running and its been 3 weeks!

Last night, I hung out with my family, we watched the Olympics and Rach and I did some scrapbooking. We saw two Apollo Ono's race, he was disqualified in one and the USA team took bronze in the relay. We also watched Kim Yu-Na take gold in figure-skating, and 18 points over the last world record!! It's also really neat that Jeannie Rochette took the bronze with everything she has gone through...

I'm starting to see some plants popping up outside and I'm really excited to see what they turn out to be. Jon and I planted some crocuses and daffodils last fall when we moved in but everything else has been around for awhile, mostly like from 2 owners back - I get the impression that the lady was a really intense gardener. So we have a bunch of surprise plants! Today I put up a 'hand-me-d9wn' birdfeeder from my mom. We'll see who finds it first - the birds or squirrels. No takers so far...


  1. I love it all! I love the little chart with the shelf on it and I love the page you made! Excellente!

  2. I am super excited about you working out...but you better not leave me in the dust at Bloomsday (if you decide to do it)! :)

  3. I think you will love the spring with all the plants peeking out to show their stuff! Your proposal page is AWESOME. With a proposal like that who wouldn't say yes! Keep up the running (or walking) It is so healthy! debbie

  4. I love your site! lots of fun!
    I'll be excited to see what little plants come up too in the spring! I can just see lots of things popping up randomly. :) haha
    And yay for your amazing page!


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