Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yet Another Seattle Trip

Joe and I just got back from Seattle yesterday morning. We visited and hung out with a bunch of friends, and I got to see the VA crew - it was awesome to see everyone again!

Went out for sushi on VDay with our friend Davidde.

Hung out at Jenn & Matt's house - this is Leo playing fetch with me!

Joe went to ride at the Colonnade Park under I-5, while I drove around Eastlake and found a good bakery :)

Cherry Trees are in bloom there!

My favorite cupcake place in Ballard!! Yummy!


  1. Renae, I think you are great photographer. Have you ever considered taking your husband's cameras and taking photos. You are very talented. I commend you.

    Debbie says hi. She doesn't have a computer for a week so she wont be able to comment. :)

  2. Actually, I got on Jenns computer so get to comment as well. Your photos are always awesome. I agree with Jenn! You could quit your job and do freelance photography"?! (:)). I am loving the spring weather here. It is so lovely to have the sun shine and so many plants in bloom. Lovely. Some day I"ll see you Renae. We both need to be in the same city sometime soon! Debbie C.


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