Monday, February 08, 2010


My cousin came over and went running with me today! that makes mile number 3! I'm sure I will eventually get to the point where I don't feel like I'm going to die at the end of a mile. The plan is to go again tomorrow before my afternoon "nap". Then 3 more shifts and we're off to Seattle! I can't wait, it should be a good trip!


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see you! Good job on the will have to go one day with me while you are here!

  2. Keep at it Renae! I used to run 3 to 4 miles a day, Even I was able to do it! Eventually, you will enjoy it! Have fun in Seattle. I get to go next week! DJC.

  3. When you called on Sat I thought you said you were sick, not that you were in Seattle =)
    so get well soon!


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