Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Backyard Homestead

A new book I've been reading recently. Anyone else out there read it? Or any good suggestions for beginning gardeners (emphasis on beginning). So far this one seems pretty good, seems to hit the basics about a bunch of different areas and since I know nothing about this sort of thing, its a pretty good place to start. Gardening is one my "to do" list, having chickens is on my "bucket list" and having goats is on my "pipe dream" list. Anyways, I'm excited to try out gardening this year and see how that goes! Home grown tomatoes just taste so much better!! I also really want to grow cucumbers this year and make home made pickles!

Baby Nigerian Dwarf goats are super, SUPER cute!! (call me crazy all you want....) In case you don't believe me, here's some proof from the interweb.
Baby Goats

Click here to getImages  &
Baby Goats Pictures - Pictures

So whats the verdict? Cute or what?


  1. I just love those goat photos! I am excited as well about your garden. Plant lots of veggies so I can come over and eat them!

  2. I think i need to have a goat! OMG sooo cute! Once you learn how to garden will you teach me? We have a 5ft by 3ft garden plot at our apartment and last year was a disaster.... Great post!

  3. Adorable goats! For gardening ALWAYS start with great dirt! Healthy soil makes great gardens. It's usually best to start small so you know what you have time for to maintain. You can get ALOT of food in a small raised bed. Have fun learning. Nothing is better than home grown!

  4. Ps. Those goats will love eating all your labor!


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