Monday, April 25, 2011

I love Mondays!

I love Mondays, they're my Saturday! Its raining outside, so yard work is waiting until tomorrow! I love rainy days like this with some Frank in the background, sleeping kitties, a couple candles, a nice cup of tea and lots of creative energy. For all you *regular* readers out there, sorry for the lack of posts recently. Its been super busy around here, we went to Joe's bike race in Ephrata, had my in-laws and my best friend from Seattle over last weekend, I just finished up a five day stretch (of work), we picked up a new reel mower, and have been doing lots of little repairs and tons of cleaning. When Jenn was over she helped me clean, organize and rearrange my "office", I love it now and its still clean 10 days later!! When I saw the before and after pictures of Amy's scrapbook room, I was inspired to finish cleaning up and take some pics!

I recently picked up some pinking sheers, so today I finally made a banner with some scrap fabric I had, thats been on my "want-to-do" list for a looong time. When Jenn was over we moved the table in front of the window, stacked the storage boxes and moved the old sewing table in for some more storage. I hung up my "clothes-pin frame" in here too.

Value Village tray with a new coat of green paint, dollar store basket, little blue egg holder and canning jars, keeping all my "junk" contained :) All my string is kept in enclosed storage so Mal can't eat it. 

Picture with my sewing machine out, this used to be my Grandma Lolita's. I love it, it's a little beat up but it gets the job done. When you're done, it just folds back up inside the table - really handy! I use all the suitcases to keep my material in. The old Samsonite in the back was my dad's when he was a kid, he got me the suitcase boxes recently. ... and in case you're starting to think I'm an expert sewer, errr, seamtress, don't worry I'm not. The skirt on the bottom is to cover up the computer server, cable box and all those associated wires. 


  1. Yay, great photos! Love the banner!

  2. I love the lights. I think I might have to add that to my scrap-room.. uh I mean my scrap corner in the bedroom.. :) Looks so fabulous Renae!

  3. Lovely! You will love the light by the window. I love your banner. Fun to have a clean space to create! :)


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