Friday, April 01, 2011

Mason Jar Lanterns

Pottery Barn was selling similar mason jar lanterns last year and I thought they would be perfect to add some "ambiance" if you will to the finally completed patio out back. But of course, I figured I could make them for cheap .... so I picked up the jars at Value Village, I wanted some with wide mouths which I didn't have at home. Then threw them together one night after work. I found a tutorial here that I roughly followed. I was planning to hang them outside today and get better pictures but spent most of the day sleeping trying to avoid getting sick. Hopefully I'll get some stuff done this weekend!!


  1. Very cool lanterns! I bet those will be really neat outside in the summer!

    Hope you feel better soon. :0)

  2. I made a few years ago and hung them on the green oak in the back yard. I was always afraid of starting a fire so didn't use them but once! They will be fine on your porch. So cute.

  3. PS: They actually look cute where you photographed them! You may need to make some more. :)


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