Saturday, August 06, 2011

Blast from the Past (& the winner)

Snapshot from the weekend! Kickin' it old school with the tent trailer, although the vibe is a little different now with everyone busting out their smart phones :) The retro camera app makes it look like an old family photo though. I guess Joe's new barefoot shoes and the Pilot kind of give it away though...

Anyways, the winner is Debbie, with the 3rd comment! ...and to answer her question on where to find it - I have found Mrs. Meyer's locally at Rosauers, Huckleberrys, Main Street Market and online at
(P.s. Joe and both picked the number 3, so that's how we picked the winner)


  1. Cool picture! can't wait to see you tomorrow! Hopefully my house will be clean by then!

  2. THANK YOU!!!! I was so surprised I won! I love the number 3 for many reasons, now I have another reason. :) That picture of Joe is so cute... (prob. don't tell him I said that.) The pants he's wearing are also retro. very 1970's style! My growing up years.


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