Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Culinary Lavender

Culinary lavender seems to be all the rage right now within the foodie community. My first discovery was about a month back. We were up visiting Nelson, BC and one of our favorite restaurants when we had some honey lavender creme brulee that was amazing! Then on a recent trip to Seattle, I had honey lavender ice cream at Molly Moon's which was delicious - lets just say it's a good thing I live four hours from Molly's...

Anyways, while there, I noticed they sold culinary lavender, but ouch, pretty steep price $7.00 for half an ounce. Yesterday, we were running some errands and stopped by the Kitchen Engine, a local kitchen store, I found lavender for $3.00 for half ounce. Yay!

The first thing I made was lavender lemonade! It's my new favorite summer time drink :) Recipe was from Apartment Therapy here. I don't have any awesome pictures but if you need some further inspiration, here's a few from Pinterest that inspired me!
(photo originally from
(photo originally from

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  1. Lavender is the best! It is so freshly fragrant, relaxing and beautiful. I think with your lovely photos and post, I will have a lavender plant on my porch next year! I miss it. My aunt sleeps with it under her pillow and it helps her sleep as well. That I could use!
    Great post....Debbie.


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