Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Mrs. Meyer's Giveaway

Since my house is a diaster (with a capital D) and I'm throwing a bridal shower here in a few weeks, I'm seeing a lot of cleaning in my future. I've been pondering a give away for awhile and thought sharing my favorite cleaning product with a lucky reader would be perfect. I've already professed my love for Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products back in the winter when I first discovered them. It all started with Lavender Hand soap seen above, who knew soap could smell so delicious! The winner gets the "3 pack" above - hand soap, dish soap and countertop spray. To enter - leave a comment with your favorite cleaning tip or trick. Then check back here on Saturday and I'll post the winner!


  1. Well.. since I will be moving into a new place in a few months, I will have lots of cleaning to do! I am a big fan of paper towels for cleaning. While they are not the most "earth conscious" I still like them better than rags. So, I fold each paper towel into 4ths so I can use it 4 different times without spreading germs from one surface to another. I can keep folding and unfolding it and i can clean quite a bit with one paper towel!! How's that for a little conservative cleaning?? ;) Good Luck with all YOUR cleaning today :)

  2. Yuck, i hate cleaning! But I love those Mrs. Meyers stuff. I would love to win. :)

  3. Good old Costco cleaning wipes. Not the other brand they sell. The costco wipes have a great texture that "scrubs". I usually use them to clean the toilet surfaces. They are disinfectant and disposable. I have always wondered where you get the Mrs. Meyers products. Please let us know the source...especually if we don't win!! :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this great giveaway! My cleaning tip is to always have a great fully stocked cleaning caddy to tote around from room to room! Makes cleaning a breeze! And I agree, Mrs. Meyers is THE BEST!



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