Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bridal Shower

Little late, but I thought I post a few pictures of my sister's bridal shower. While showers can be a little stressful, they're also a good excuse to do some creative projects and bake some goodies! My friend Amy and I came up with a bunch of fun ideas for the shower!

My mom, sister and I by the "Ice Tea Bar". Amy found the oversize mason jars at Wal-Marche, they were perfect for this! I picked up three bunches of flowers at Safeway, and my mom did all the flower arrangements. I just picked out different shaped bottles I had around and some vintage blue canning jars.

This is an idea for an easy game I came up with, I loosely based it off the game Apples to Apples if you've ever played that. Make up a couple of categories (and label containers as such). Have slips for the guests write their answer on. The bride reads all the entries and picks the one she likes best.

For the food, we had chips & hummus, and some veggies and dip - need some healthy food to balance out the sugar :) I threw together the "Menu" below with an old window I had in the garage (I think it was an original to our house). I wrote up the menu on craft paper and taped it to the back of the window.

Instead of cake, we decided to go with fruit desserts. Amy made apple crisps, I made peach kuchen and berry cobbler. The mixed berry cobbler is a recipe from Bon Appetite, found here. The peach kuchen recipe was handed down from my great grandmother. We also had madelines and pie-crust cookies. (To make pie crust cookies, just cut out pie crust dough with a cookie cutter, sprinkle with sugar and bake! They're really tasty over fresh fruit with ice cream!)

Lastly a group picture of all the girl's in the family!


  1. Love it. So glad you shared. Wish I could have been there. I love your menu!

  2. The photo of you ladies is awesome.


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