Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Magnet Tutorial

This is a quick easy tutorial on making cute magnets using washi tape or other decorative tape you have on hand. These would be fun to send out with save-the-dates, invitations or just for your own fridge at home. (If you like the save the date, you can find it in the download section on the Love and Lavender wedding blog!)

Supplies you will need: 
- Flat magnets (free ones are good for this)
- White paper
- Tape
- Small piece of sandpaper
- Sharp Scissors
- Glue: I used Arlene's Tacky glue

1. Lightly sand the top of your magnet, (helps the paper adhere better). Wipe surface with damp paper towel to remove dust and dry.
2. Apply small amount of glue to sanded side of magnet.
3. Spread thin layer of glue over the entire surface of the magnet. I just used my finger. You can see a light film over the magnet in the lower photo on the right. You don't want it to be super wet.

4. Flip magnet over and adhere to white paper. (This is to prevent original magnet color from showing through tape). Cut out around magnet edge.
5 & 6. Start applying tape in strips that are the length you want the magnet to be. I chose to cover the magnet more or less. Trim off any tape hanging over the edge.
7 & 8. Cut the magnet along the edges of your tape, to separate into individual magnets. You should end up with a pile of magnets looking like this.
9. Last step is to make jagged cuts on the ends to make it look like the torn end of a piece of tape. ...and you're done! 


  1. Cute idea! You are so crafty. I want to try this.

  2. I love this, thanks for sharing!

    I also have a craft blog. If you want to check it out it's:

    You have a new follower :)


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