Monday, December 12, 2011

Cafe Vivace

Just back from Seattle, had a wonderful weekend. Saw a bunch of Joe's family, our friends. Celebrated two birthdays, went antiquing and shopping with the girls, fit in some scrapbooking and got to sleep in and relax! Today on our way out of town, we hit up Cafe Vivace, initially introduced to me by my friend Jenn a few trips back. Probably my all time favorite coffee! So smooth, and not bitter at all. Anyways, hope to be back with more pictures soon, hopefully will have some decent light tomorrow.
Love madelines, should make some soon!

Pretty foam art!


  1. Beautiful photos at the coffee shop!

  2. Lovely foam....I had 2 lattes already today! A very rare thing. Great pictures. Make some Madeline's! (not a bad name for a little girl baby :). Hmmmmm


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