Thursday, December 15, 2011

Conversation Between a Girl and Her Cat Malcolm

This is how I imagine my conversation with my cat went this evening - that is if he could talk.

Malcolm: Hey you, hey you, hello? are you listening?
Girl: What?
Malcolm: I'm bored. Come play with me.
Narrator: Girl walks over to the carpet, and throws one of the cat's mice for him to play with. Cat looks   
   indifferently at the mouse...
Malcolm: Hey you, you're boring. I wanna go outside and play.
Narrator: Cat walks over to the door. 
Malcolm: Hey, let me out. Hey. Come on, let me out already.
Girl: Alright, fine go outside. Be safe. Look both ways for cars. Don't stay out all night like you did 
   last night. Love you.
Narrator: Girl gives cat a hug and lets him outside.

Brief Intermission:  It's cold outside and the ground is covered with snow. Girl is inside cleaning the kitchen. Eventually cat comes back to the window

Malcolm:  Hey you! Hey you, will you let me in? It's COLD out here! Please!!
Girl: So you want back in huh?
Malcolm: Come play, come play!
Narrator: Cat walks back over to the rug, meowing annoyingly. Girl finally stops cleaning and walks over.
Girl: What do you want?
Malcolm: Obviously, I want to play! Duh... That's why I'm rolling around on the carpet and trying to attack your hand.
Girl: Alright, alright.
Narrator: Girl picks up the cat's new favorite toy, a fake fishing pole with sparkly fish on the end and waves it about, the cat goes crazy trying to catch it.

The End.


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