Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clean Fridge = Ridiculous Post

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I'm super happy we finally cleaned out our fridge. ... and no, I'm not going to gross you out with any before pictures. Just some proof that it's done! We cleaned, we organized and then labeled the shelves and pockets on the doors! For labels, I just used green masking tape, a sharpie and some deco scissors, may do something better when we figure out which categories work well for us. We also designated a shelf just for leftovers, since we've been trying to cook more in bulk so there is food for lunch the next day at least. 

Here it is all clean and organized...

And the funny find of the day, apparently we have enough hot sauces for their own dedicated bin... is that crazy or what? Like father, like daughter. Maybe we should start a 'Bring Your Own Hot Sauce' rule for family dinners...


  1. Very cool! Hope you had a little room left for my contribution to the fridge. lol. :)

  2. Bring your own hot might end up with a whole refrigerator full!...I love a clean frig! To keep it clean, sort through it every week the night before garbage gets picked up! Toss what's left of leftovers. (unless it's tonight's meal.)

  3. Haha... I meant bring hot sauce to my parents house when we go for dinner!

  4. Holy Moly!!! You told me yesterday you had not been very productive this week! LIE! Look at that fridge! Nicely done!


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