Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Experimenting Again.

I really have enough stuff especially when it comes to craft supplies. But then I get it in my head that I need  something else. This time, it was watercolors, white embossing powder and teal pigment ink. So what do you know, I magically found myself at Michael's yesterday. And I came home with this. I also found some cool stamps in the dollar bin. Chevron stamp for $1, definitely had to get, they're crazy expensive at places like Impress. Dollar bins for the win! Also found the perfect color teal ink in the dollar bin. They didn't even have teal in the "expensive" section. 
Tonight, I got home and was feeling inspired (by my clean desk) and finished another week of project life. Getting closer to being caught up! Yay!! Had fun experimenting with the watercolors on the top left card. I'm not sure my test audience loved it but I thought it was fantastic for a first try. Good enough to throw in the book and not into the trash anyways. 
Time to order more pics, fold laundry, and get some sleep. Back for a five day stretch tomorrow... But not without a quick pic of my reorganized desk.
Love my "new" stamp organizer and having a spot for my Project Life album. There is an entire box of stuff on the floor that used to be on my desk that needs a new home. The whole object this time was to get rid of stuff that didn't need to be there and for only things that get used all the time to be in sight. Everything else to be tucked away in a somewhat organized fashion. I'm feeling the whole less is more these days. (Still looks like a lot though), there's always room for progress :)


  1. GREAT JOB! Its fun to have space to work (play :D)). Less is definitely more. Your PL pages are also great. So glad you have tried it. I don't do it daily, but just each month I have a record of photo's, events, and stories. I don't get behind as I don't use it as a daily record. I do fill it up though. I will have 3 albums for this year. :) "less is more???)

  2. Love your desk!!! And good job on the watercolors.


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