Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Thumbs Up!

Today was a good day! My guy came home which was great, so nice to have him back after the long weekend by myself. Even though I slept in, today ended up being super productive!! I went swimming again today, 45 minutes yesterday and 35 minutes today. *Fingers crossed* I think I've finally found a way to exercise that doesn't make my back go crazy! I finished up two projects, plus we got a ton of cleaning done! Not the usual around here, nothing like some company coming to get me motivated! I'm super excited for this weekend!

First "harvest" from the garden - multi colored carrots!

Coffee date with Joe at Indaba

Strawberry-Nectarine-Lemonade Smoothies

Guest room all cleaned up and ready for J&E on Thursday!

The *other* side, not glam but clean. Good enough.

Mal's chair got a new cover - finally. That was long overdue.

He's definitely the *star* of the show around here!

Will share the other finished project tomorrow :)


  1. He is a beautiful star! Keep going with the swimming. You will feel better all over!

  2. Woo hoo on the swimming! I need to get back in the pool!!


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