Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A while back I mentioned that I was going to re-try the photo-a-day thing, but on instagram, which is more portable and convenient. What I noticed almost immediately was that while its usually easy to find something "photo-worthy" on my days off, its actually quite a challenge on my work days. I started to notice that if I took a picture at work, I tended to take pictures outside on my break. Once that realization sunk in, I decided to start doing that on purpose, more than anything else to motivate me to try and get outside to get some sunshine and fresh air instead of feeling "trapped" inside for twelve hours. Hence, the hashtag was born, #outsideonabreak. It makes a big difference, to spend a little time away from all the incessant beeping and noises. A little down time to regroup (and by a little, I mean, a little.) Sometimes getting my 15 minute breaks seriously feels like a luxury. Here's the pics I've snapped so far. Not stellar, lots of sky photos - but they all remind me of little snippets of time that I got to spend outside... sometimes it really is the little things!


  1. I really loved the one you took yesterday of the yellow stripes. Great idea for a #!


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