Saturday, May 02, 2009


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  1. I love this cute little goat! Now I want a goat!

  2. ok so I got to admit Ive been a magor slacker about reading your blog so I just read like 8 posts! this is really cool what youve got here its updated way more than mine! What we should do is link ours... I know theres a way to do that. That way the people who see mine go to yours and vice versa because we know a lot of the same folks. That looks like fun with the race, wish i kuduh been there, and also thats cool to see that the farm is taking off now!

  3. PS i totally agree with you there is nothing better than putting on a sweater just out of the dryer! people who read this might think im girly but tahts okay ITS THE TRUTH so there!


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