Monday, May 25, 2009

Pyramid Peak

Memorial Day Camping Trip: Camped out at Lake Crescent for three nights. Lots of sun and no rain! Saturday we went on a minimally grueling hike to the top of Pyramid Peak. There was a washed out area that was a little trechorous - not for the faint of heart like myself. All in all a very fun trip!
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  1. Yes, so very fun! Loved it and so sad its over.

  2. haha great wordage there: minimally grueling... is that like jumbo shrimp?! =)

    looks like you had tons o fun (minus the LIL SHMOKIES) thats cool too that even in the Olympics there was no rain and just sun

    PS: as to your last post i thot you wir dun with nite shifd?

  3. Yeah, that turned out to be a pretty good picture of us.

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