Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its Finally Spring!!

Spring has finally reached our neck of the woods and I am so glad, winter was getting old. That is why I love having four seasons though, its always changing.
Proof of spring - the 1st crocus (hopefully many more will be popping up soon)
I love these, they might be my favorites!

  Some more proof - finally have the sun roof open again.
On a totally unrelated note - I cooked 3 meals today (I know, I know... shocking). Anyways, we're trying to be more healthy around here, hence the brown rice and oatmeal on the counter. Hope everyone has a good week, heading underground, I mean to work for the next five days.


  1. Yay Renae! Yay for health and yay for Spring. Funny, I wrote about spring today too. ;) Good luck with your five day work week!

  2. Sleep well between your 12 hour shifts!!! Hope to see you when you come out again to play. SPRING. I just see rain today, but I will be looking for some crocuses to take pictures of. Their early arrival is a great hope that buds and flowers will arrive soon. Eat, rest, and work. love debbie.


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