Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome Fernie

While browsing through the spring magazines that arrived recently, I decided that I needed to take down all the winter decorations and start getting ready for spring. While I have yet to take down said decorations, I  did go shopping - I found Fernie the Fern and brought him home with me. He adds some spring greenery nicely, helps clear the air and so far is getting along swimmingly with Malcolm. Hopefully Mal won't get jealous of our new house guest and try to eat him (he's tried that before on some of our less fortunate green friends). In honor of spring and Fernie's arrival, I decided a little photo shoot was in order.

Malcolm, this is Fernie. Fernie, this is Malcolm.

Fernie posing with Jane Austin, Mary Lennox and Lollia.


  1. Awesome post, I love it! I wish I could visit you and your cute house! (and cat. and fernie.)

  2. Love malcolm and fernie! What a great pair. Now you will need to post another family photo!


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