Monday, March 28, 2011

Value Village

As a kid I hated thrift stores, to me it just meant getting hand-me-down clothes that always seemed to smell funny at first. But now I understand the appeal, its like looking for diamonds in the rough, finding cool stuff that sometimes needs a little love. After going to the gym today, I felt like going shopping, so I hit up Value Village on the way home and found a few things. Here's a few pics...

Two hardback books, I remember reading "By the Sea" as a kid at my grandma's house and the other one "The Green Bough" I got because it has a cool cover. I'll read it though just for fun :) I finally read a Jane Austin book today -thats been on my "Want To Do List" since last summer. It was called "Lady Susan", it was pretty different than Pride and Prejudice - the leading lady was kind of a villainous sort of character.

 Decent sized wooden try for $2.99 that is going to get a paint job, planning on the same green color as the little wood box, then I might try decoupaging some patterned paper or maybe doilies on it. Should be fun to serving things this summer - maybe some mojitos or passion iced tea lemonade...

This candlestick is also getting a makeover - I really want to paint it gray but haven't decided yet. Then I'm thinking about adding some bling as well... we'll see. Oh, and in the background, you can see the Yogi Bear Picinik Basket I picked up recently! I'm really excited about that, can't wait for warmer weather :)


  1. Fun finds!

    I've never heard of that Lady Susan book. I have the full Jane Austin collection (I thought) and there were only six books. Hmmm...

  2. Love your treasures! That is my favorite way to shop. Most of what I own I got used and repurposed it. Spray paint works best for detailed victorian things. HAVE FUN! ...Hope to scrap book with your soon. Debbie


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