Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Absurd Amount of Craft Organization Pictures

I finished organizing my half of the "studio" last week but never got around to posting pictures. There's a bunch of them, since I needed proof that everything was not just shoved into drawers. I went through and purged an entire bags worth of stuff, including the organizer I posted about earlier - it just wasn't working for me.  Here goes:

~ My area - you can see the top of my desk!! And my new lamp from Urban Outfitters, now I can see what I'm working on!

~ Stamps and mini stacks in bottom drawer. The top drawer holds cardstock and middle holds 12x12 stacks.

~ Cleared the clutter off the side of the filing cabinet! Filing basket is up top.

~ Two jelly jars I picked up at a thrift store, top one holds all my grommets, bottom all my brads.

~ Faux book from my sister that holds all the misc pieces to smash or scrapbook. It goes in the front of my cubby next to two notebooks and my repurposed Crisco jar that holds large ribbon, and reused TJ's caramel container holding non-fun supplies (you can see it in the top picture).

~ Ceramic egg holder used for lens cap, USB stick, other small things. Behind it is a bamboo organizer tray from Costco (came in a set), use that for my distress inks, frequently used wooden alpha stamps, stickles, and tools (measuring tape, plastic tailor tape, matches, regular tape)

~ Broke my favorite tea cup from my grandmother, so now it holds all my buttons.

~ Added a new bike (packaging from a Farm Chicks vender) and made the little tape banner for fun!

~ New fav, purple canning jar from thrift store, holds my mini clothespins.

~ Stickers and mini letter stickers in drawer. Thickers in open cubby on the right, easier just to have the drawer out. In the top pic you can see the extra drawer sits to the left and holds all my scrap paper and extra cardboard including 12x12 plastic envelopes for large pieces sorted loosely by color.

~ Drawer full of punches

~ Basket holding yarn, twine. Orange box holds cards that are done and ready to go. Sits up high where the cat won't notice it!

~ Small box holds pictures for current projects, helps to not be constantly searching through all my photos when working on trips, also convenient for traveling.

~ Inside the Bits and Pieces box, has a clear top which is handy.

~ The back of the cubby, various glues in tupperware, Also use the container to clip clothespins onto when they are being painted. Salt container is for a eventual project. Various large ugly items get hidden back there :)

And that's all... whew! Finished my frame wall today, so pictures of that up next!

Older post here on craft desk organization.


  1. I love it! It is so fun to get things back in shape. You find so many things and can put them where you can more easily use them. Great organizing !

  2. This looks just LOVELY!!! Nice Job Renae. Love that fantastic lamp you got as well.

  3. I like how you have your drawer pulled out to add some extra storage. Looks like a perfect place for thickers! One question...why does your lens cap have a home that is not on your camera??


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