Monday, February 06, 2012

Embellishment Storage Box

*** UPDATE - No longer available. ***

This is a Making Memories storage piece I've had for awhile but am no longer using. The goal is to clear out and declutter so I am offering it to one of my regular readers for free before I donate it to charity. It is paper covered chipboard. The inside is a green plastic with a soft/fuzzy covering.
Leave a comment if you're interested.  


  1. I know a regular reader who will love it. Prob A...if not maybe J. U also could check with your sister. It is so fun to declutter. In march, I am thinking of doing an aggressive cleaning of my craft supplies. One mans trash can be another mans treasure.

  2. if nobody else wants it.... I WANT IT!!!!! :):):)

  3. You are finally getting rid of it!!! Good job Renae. :) I love to see what you replace it with!

    PS. Amy can have it. Have too much stuff already!!


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