Thursday, February 02, 2012

In a Nutshell

I was dropping off 3 bags at the thrift store when I found this little frame. The lady at the desk let me have it for a dollar! Woot! I love the little flowery scroll detail at the top. Joe thinks the lady is creepy, so she has to go. I personally don't think so, but I have other plans for the frame anyhow. If anybody wants the old photo, let me know.
Otherwise, just having an average evening at home. Had chicken, rice and pot stickers for dinner. Played with the cat, went to the gym (that is actually unusual). Now having a cup of tea and muddling through the mess at my desk, while making a bigger mess by taking the frame apart. It drives Joe nuts that I usually have a half dozen or so projects going at once. Anyone else have that issue? The cat is taking a nap and Joe is playing video games. Our evening in a nutshell.

Mal has his own dedicated chair in the "studio", its the now not completely yellow bentwood chair that needs the cushion bettered secured (another project) :)


  1. Adorable kitty! Love the frame. I gave two to good will...brand new! So sorry, I should have passed them on. I love your title...what's in the nutshell...your sweet routine day?? I think I'm going to steal that title for a scrapbook title!


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