Monday, February 06, 2012

Befores & Afters (and some in between)

I've been making some progress on the frame wall! Yay! Have been doing alot of frame painting. Here's some befores...

Here are some "Afters" and "In Progress" shots. Still need to fill some of the frames.

This was being poorly used, so got moved to the frame wall and has the equivalent of "fridge pics" on it. Joe doesn't like the fridge all covered with stuff.

The old lady got replaced by a picture of Mal as a kitten.

Have had this "K" hanging around for awhile, was plain white. It's actually a dark teal color.

Painted frames that need to be filled. They are painted "Bleached Sand" and it actually looks pretty nice against the greenish wall in the hallway.

Having fun with my fabric pen! Any guesses which baby this is for? :)

Another before frame. This one got a new life in my room though.

And I finally figured out what to do with my old key from the Farm Chicks show!

And last, because I'm training for the Krazy Kat Lady description later in life, here is a picture of "our cats". Jackson is a neighborhood kitty that eats at our house frequently, he seems to be doing better these days. He's gaining weight and his fur is looking better. ...and of course Mal you already know. :)


  1. I love it all! I wish you were always on vacation. Well Kat lady...(notice mrs k, I am using the letter k), my favorite photo is of Mel as a kitten. A lovely photo!

  2. LOve Love Love!! Nice job Renae!

    Hmmmmm...B is for Baby Barragan who loves to Bike?????? Just guessing....

  3. Love all your projects! The cat photo is also really awesome...I love that you took a shot from above! My pic isn't on your "fridge" (sad face).

    I need to buy some frames!!!


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