Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Journal

... I promise this is not going to turn into a garden blog. It just happens to be what we've been doing a lot of around here. Browsing through the depths of the internet one day, I ran across the idea of a garden journal that is put together in a 3 ring binder with different sorts of sleeves. I had some baseball card holders I found at the dollar store that would be perfect to hold little plant tags. This way when something works, or doesn't work (like my basil
Source: via Renae on Pinterest
starts), I have a place to put all that information. You could include garden layouts, seed packets, whatever you want. Since I'm new to all this gardening stuff, I need a little help remembering all the details. For example, I had a couple plants out front in the window boxes last year that did great but this spring I couldn't remember what they were called and wasted a bunch of time wandering around plant stores looking for it.
This is what I've put together so far. Today I'm going to add another baseball card holder to keep track of all my failed plants. 
I taped the little plant tags to note cards, when you remove it from the sleeve you can still read all the help directions on the back. On the cards, I've tried to include information on where I've planted it, what time of year and how many we got. So far it's been fun! Kind of like making a really useful scrapbook :) I also drew up a (not to scale) map of our garden, to remember what is where and later in the summer we could add notes if certain plants should be moved next year or given more space, to plant more/less.


  1. So clever Renae! I LOVE your garden book. If I had a garden, I would have a garden book too! I was wondering...can I steal some page protectors from you? I can't seem to find those baseball card types.

  2. You will love this! It will be fun to see over the years how your garden will change. It is a great way to get to know your plants, and to come to know how your garden grows. A journal of sorts, full of story!

  3. This is SUCH a great idea and I just love it!! Very cute Reane!


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