Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Update Part 2

New porch organizer from Pottery Barn, on clearence for $39.99. Its perfect for our little porch. Enough space for a few shoes on bottom and all my cute gardening stuff on top, even a few little gnomes! We don't have space for one of those awesome potting benches you see online everywhere, so this works great, plus it doesn't block the cat window.

Old tomato planters from last year, just got the lavender plant at Costco last week. The other one has yet another mint plant, this one is called mint julep. The one up front is apple mint. 

Two more mint plants in the planter out back, I'll have to ask Joe, this one might be Spanish mint I can't remember.
Lastly, a little tepee we set up for our tomatillo plants out back. We got cages for the tomatoes but those are kinda pricey. Probably won't do that again if they fall apart, will just try making some by hand next time and see how that goes.
Well, Jackson's whining, off to feed our adopted cat.


  1. Great garden organizer! Looks perfect. Garden away! :)

  2. This looks like something out of a magazine.. you go girl!


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