Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Dreams Do Come True... occasionally

I've been dreaming of a porch swing for years, but we haven't had a porch, not even a little one. Now, we have a porch but its not big enough for a porch swing. So I started dreaming about a hammock, one of the neighbors a couple blocks down has one and it looks like the perfect way to spend a lazy day! So I pondered that for a while but don't really a good spot for one. Needless to say, one day as I was wasting time looking at stuff online, I learned of the hammock swing. Pure genius! Only has to be hung by one spot, so no perfect tree spacing required or awkward looking hammock stands. Also won't get blown over like a stand alone swing has the potential too. I found one on for a reasonable price, it even ended up being on sale, score! When it got here, we tried to give it a test drive in the living room, but it's just not quite the same with people trying to hold you up :) (Picture courtesy of Jenn's blog.) Joe hung it up for me yesterday and its super comfy and great for relaxing after a long day at work. So long .....ZZzzzzzz

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  1. A hammock swing! It actually looks cute with those two cuties holding you up!


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