Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5th Annual Memorial Day Camping Trip

We went to Alta Lake this year which is near Pateros, Washington which is between Winthrop and Wenatchee. We decided to go for east of the Cascades again this year. We expected to get rained out but aside from a few scattered showers and one short storm the weather was actually really nice. Nice enough to lay on a beach towel and enjoy some sunshine on Saturday afternoon!

Alta Lake - Beach/Picnic Area

Matt and Jenn enjoying kabobs, the "co-hosts" of the camping trip. Jenn and Joe do 90% of the cooking. Thanks guys!

Boys enjoying the fire and baked potatoes. The guys put up a tarp shelter to keep us dry.

Mark and Rachel - the newbies to the group this year.

On Sunday we took a little side trip to Winthrop, has an old west feel to it. The boardwalks are pretty cool and all the hand-painted signs. Pretty cool little tourist trap, fun to visit for the first time.

Sheri's had some killer homemade ice cream - I had the lemon custard with a homemade waffle cone, which was surprisingly only $2.75. Winthrop would definitely be a fun place to stop overnight on a road trip if you happened to be up in northern Washington.

Scenic detour to the Grand Coulee Dam on the way home - pretty impressive sight! My dad grew up in a house here that is now gone. It used to be where the new section of the dam is.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. Thanks for posting! Looks like a fun trip :)

  2. Great photos Renae! I know you only took a few but they turned out great! Maybe I will high jack and print some of them. :)

  3. I wondered where you all were! It looks like a lovely place. I'm glad the weather cooperated for camping. Looks like you forgot your horse! :)


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