Monday, May 09, 2011

Hello Spring!!

Its so nice to have a day off with nice weather! Sunny, few puffy clouds and 63 degrees! I actually mowed the lawn with a tanktop on. After 5 days in "the cave" it's nice to be outside soaking up some sunshine. Joe and I went over to Rockwood Bakery this morning for a coffee and sat out on the patio. We stopped at Northtown to get his phone fixed and I hit up AE for some "summer clothes". Other than that, I been trying to get caught up with some yardwork while he's at work this afternoon. Taking a little break... Some pictures of things making me happy today!

See all that blue sky! Trimmed all the burning bush shoots today.

Cut some daffodils to bring inside, they're so cheerful! You can almost see little smiley faces on each one :)

Bringing the leftover trimmings inside of tossing all in the compost, so much better with some color up there!
This mint somehow survived the winter, just replanted it in a bigger container and put it out front to catch some sunshine. Now just need some limes :)

Me and Mal, I mean, Mal and I. (I can still hear my dad correcting my grammar in my head.) He's such a cute little monster. He can be held directly responsible for me not getting as much sleep as I'd like these days. He used to be "six-o-clock kitty" which was great, recently he's a "four-thirty-in-the-morning-kitty".

Get out enjoy some sunshine!!


  1. Lovely spring photos. There is nothing so refreshing as a sunny spring day. I am so glad your daffodils are smiling!

  2. Yay for spring! I love the mirror photo.


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