Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playing with Picasa ... and lady bugs

Caught Malcolm mezmerized by a lady bug this morning. He has been chasing a ton of bugs outside recently, its pretty funny to watch. From a distance you can't tell why he's doing all these crazy little antics. I decided to play around with the picture in Picasa and try out a couple different effects.

 The "Tint" effect with partial color preservation. Left the tint unchanged.

This is the "Focal Black & White" option, I put the focus over the ladybug.

Any favorites?


  1. The ladybug photo is really cool! I also use picassa for my photos editing, although I've never done that before. I am a little intimidated by photo shop. (And too poor to buy it.)

  2. Darling. Lady bugs are my favorite too!


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