Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday!

I'm so happy spring is finally here! The lilacs are almost out, the cherry tree has a few flowers and the hawthorne is about ready to color the front yard magenta. We've got half of our veggie garden in and just filled the new window boxes out front. Moved the bird bath out front today and planning to fill the hummingbird feeder tomorrow! Hope everyone else had a happy Monday!


  1. So glad you still have so many bulbs and flowering plants even with your aggressive lawn renovation. I think I will be driving by this coming weekend to take a peek at all the blooms. Love your photos! Debbie

  2. I am happy spring is here too, but I really wish it would arrive without so many storms! Your tulips are gorgeous!

  3. Pretty tulips! Spring is very much here as far as vegetation goes. Now I am just waiting for the good weather. We had a really beautiful sunny day yesterday and so far today it has RAINED all day. At least was warm and I got to go jogging.


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