Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Vintage Rabbit

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This last weekend, we had some friends were in town for Bloomsday - all the way from Seattle. We had some down time Saturday so Ellen and I went over to the Vintage Rabbit on Monroe Street. Its one of those places I've driven by a million times while living in Spokane but have never been into. I thought they had pretty good selection, better than other shops I've been to on Monroe. Read another review with hours, address, etc here. I found an ornate receipt holder, a little letter K stamp and an old pastry cutter with a chippy green handle. 

We also went to the Doughnut Parade in the GU District Saturday morning. Some friends of mine have been bugging me to check it out for over a year now. I forgot the SD card for my camera, so no pictures but Jenn did got some fun pictures of us. The doughnuts were pretty tasty and 75 cents each. They're not the next Top Pot, but they're the best doughnuts I've had so far since moving here. However, the inside is not sparkling, so if that's the kind of thing that bothers you, this is probably not your next favorite doughnut joint. One of the scenes from "Wrong Turn to Tahoe" was filmed here (which I've never heard of) but it looked just like this shot. Photo from

Chippy green pastry cutter. I love these things, so much better than trying to use two knifes to cut in shortening or butter into pie dough, for pastries or peach kuchen. You can find new ones for a few bucks at most grocery stores. 
I was really excited to find this, it's an old receipt holder. I'm sure I could find several uses but for now we're using it for its intended purpose. We just decided to starting hanging onto our grocery receipts for a few months. I keep track of all our spending each month. The food bill always seems high, so I'm going to dig a little further and look back at the receipts to see what we're spending the most on and try and find some ways to improve.


  1. I have always wanted to try that dounut place. I drive past it almost every morning!

    Keeping track of spending has been really helpful for us to see what the heck we spend our money on. It is quite depressing when you see most of a paycheck going to meat at costco... uggg! That is what happens when you marry a "growing boy"!!!!

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cool receipt holder! I need to get myself one of those! As you know, Matt and I are also trying to get to the bottom of this expensive food bill thing!

  3. It is amazing how much is spent on food. I am learning to buy less and not "store" as much. That has helped. I always loved that antique store on Monroe. They have lots of debbie like things. Actually things that I grew up with! :) old lady that I am.

  4. Looks like a super fun time! Ben and I have been keeping track of our receipts too...but we have been too lazy to actually deep digger into it. We just tally it up every month and say "whoa!" haha. Food really is a kicker!


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